Best green tea brands available in India Right now

Green tea has been used for centuries around Asia for medicinal purposes. It retains rich antioxidants and polyphenols that give its ability to alleviate diseases and control weight. Therefore it is no surprise that more and more people around the world and in India are embracing this great health drink for all the benefits it packs.

But with so many options to pick from, one may be at a crossroad on which green tea brands are best and reputable, here are some of the best brands available right now in India:-

Best green tea available in India Right now
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1. Lipton tea.

Probably one of the most popular brands locally, Lipton is recognized for its young leaves and zero additives. It is also fairly affordable and widely available making it easy to get the product.

2. 24 Mantra green tea.

24 Mantra Organic Green Tea is another local company that produces fine blend leaves. Their tea is organically grown and pesticide free. The pack is fairly inexpensive and easily available and comes with finely blended leaves.

3.Typhoo green tea.

From a British company, the blend of green tea is locally very popular despite being launched recently. Their tea is perfectly blended, easily available and comes at a cost friendly price.

4. Organic India Green tea.

Best green tea brands available in India Right now
Green tea

This is another local company. Very well established over the years, they specialize in infusing the green tea adding a wide range of flavors like jasmine, ginger, and permanganate. Aside from this their green tea is also specially infused with basil or Tulsi and is at a pocket-friendly price and widely available.

5. Twinings pure green tea.

This is another popular tea leaves brand available widely across the country. They have a wide range of flavored and unflavored loose tea leaves and tea bags. Their product is a nice package and at a reasonable price tag.

6.Basilur(luxury brand).

This particular brand id part of the premium lines of green tea. It boasts of exotic brands and is primarily a luxury brand which means it is not very cheap. However, it has a wide array of flavors and comes In a neat packaging.

7. Tetley green tea.

This is among the pioneer brands in green tea production in India and is perhaps one of the most highly preferred tastes for many households as well. The brand produces the original green tea with fewer variants but at a friendly cost.

8. Golden tips rose-herb green tea.

Another which might be considered a luxury brand the tea comes in an attractive package that is hard to miss. It has a variety of loose-leaved teas and promises a pure source for its tea. Though slightly costly than most other brands it is worth trying.

9. LaPlant.

This is a newcomer brand that has introduced a wide variety of flavors for their green tea and a colorful attractive and inexpensive package. Its popularity is quickly growing and it could be one of the leading providers of green tea across the country.

10. Happy valley green tea

This is another brand that upholds organically grown green tea. The tea comes organically grown containing no pesticides. The packages are attractive affordable I many parts of the country but they lean more on the high side of cost.


With all the benefits green tea gives to our bodies it is evident that green tea is good for you and it is a wise choice to embrace it. These are among the best green tea brands available in India now that you can try.

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