Black tea Side effects you must know before you drink

Black teas are simply amazing!.People around the world consuming it!.It is obtained from the leaves of camellia Sinensis.It is consumed as a hot or cold beverage.

black tea side effects
Black tea

Black tea contains 3%-4% caffeine which will keep you awake with better alertness.

Let’s see few important questions.

How much black tea an adult can take?

As I mentioned earlier it contains caffeine in good quantity,mild to moderate intake are accepted in adults.Those who consume more than 5 cups per day will experience many kinds of side effects like sleep problems,headache,confusion,nervousness etc.

Children can consume black tea in an amount commonly found in foods.

Black tea side effects in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition we should have a complete redesign in our diet plans.If she taking black tea,it should be in small amounts around 3 cups per day(~200mg).If she consumes higher amounts(or any other caffeinated drinks)will definitely affect her pregnancy.It will lead to increased risk of sudden infant death syndromes(SIDS),caffeine withdrawals in newborn,also low birthweight babies.

Consumption in breast feeding

It is not a good idea to consume black tea while breast feeding your baby,because it can increase the bowel movements and it will possibly irritate the baby.

The safer level is up to 3 cups per day only.

Effects in anaemia patients.

Anaemia is a condition where low hemoglobin levels found in the blood.Black tea can worsen the situation of this kind of patients.So precaution is necessary.

Effects in bleeding diseases patients.

Studies found that these patients have serious blood clotting issues while on black tea because of the presence of caffeine content.

What about cardiac health?

Studies found that it can worsen the situation of cardiac diseases.They can trigger irregular heartbeats,so use with caution.

What are the Effects in Diabetics?

As frequent fluctuations in blood sugar are common in diabetics,the caffeine content in the black tea can worsen the situation.So its not a good idea to consume a lot of black tea in diabetes.

Any Abdominal symptoms?

The caffeine content in tea can trigger diarrhea as well as symptoms of irritable bowel syndromes.

What are theEffects on Bone health?

The caffeine content in black tea will simply flush out the calcium via urine ,which will reduce blood calcium.

It will lead to decreased calcium deposits in bones(weakened bones).You need to take calcium supplements to balance it.

Black teas will aggravate the condition of anxiety patients.


Black teas are awesome beverages people consume around the world.Because of high caffeine content in the drink makes it unsafe in some occasions.High take of black teas have serious side effects in the organ systems in the body like heart,brain,blood,bone,eyes etc.Also, intake of black tea in pregnancy and breast feeding have serious consequences if exceeds an amount of 3 cups per day.

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