Green Tea vs Black Tea Differences and Effects in Human Body

Tea has become a popular element in the diet of anyone who wants to improve their health or even just to lower their caffeine consumption. Unlike coffee, it is actually recommended to get addicted to tea because of the numerous benefits it does to the human body. Extracted from the plant Camellia sinensis, the popular green tea leaves are non-fermented but are withered and steamed or pan-fried to delay oxidation (hence, the retained color and fresh flavor), while black tea leaves are withered, crushed and undergo oxidation (leaves darken, stronger flavour and pungent aroma). But green tea vs black tea – which is better for you? We list down 10 of the best tea benefits to guide you.

Teas of different levels of oxidation (L to R): green, yellow, oolong, and black-Wikipedia

1. Less Caffeine

Teas contain at least 50% less caffeine than coffee but with a caffeine content of 9 to 50 mg per cup of green tea and 42 to 72 mg per cup on black tea, green tea effects increase mental alertness without keeping you up at night.

2. Antioxidants

Tea is rich in antioxidants which can lower the risk of damage from the pollution we absorb. But in this case of green tea vs black tea, the additional oxidation process of the latter minimizes the original catechin composition while producing a different one. It doesn’t matter which, teas are full of anti-cancer properties.

3. Fluoride Content

The presence of fluorine in teas aids in healthy bones and teeth. Studies show that black tea effects include prevention of bone loss and calcium-deficiency with 0.2 to 0.5mg of fluoride per cup while 0.3 to 0.4mg per cup in green tea. Brewing tea in tap water also increases fluoride content of up to 0.9mg per cup.

4. Cancer Prevention

One of the best highlights of green tea benefits is its rich source of the four catechins it contains due to delayed oxidation. These postpone the gene activity in cancer cells and, in recent researches, were discovered to possibly eradicate types of cancer cells such as colon cancer and skin cancer cells.

5. Stamina Boost

Consumption of tea, especially green tea, promotes exercise endurance by strengthening the muscles. This is through supporting the body’s ability to burn fat into energy.

6. Lowered Risk of Stroke and CardioVascular Diseases

A study by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment conducted an experiment on 552 men over a period of 15 years and identified that the consumption of black tea significantly reduces the production of “bad cholesterol” and therefore prevents stroke and heart attacks.

7. UV-free

Almost. But with all the unavoidable Ultraviolet rays we absorb, knowing that consumption of tea can act as sunscreen helps. Green tea benefits include better protection from these harmful rays.

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8. Healthy Weight Loss

According to research, the effect on weight loss for people who consumed tea entailed better metabolism and smooth digestion that encouraged weight control and balanced BMI (and ultimately lowered risk of diseases).

9. Lowered Risk of Diabetes

Compounds found in green tea carefully eliminates the development of Type 2 diabetes and generally aids in processing sugar.

10. Prevention of Degenerative Diseases

Even considered as a treatment for degenerative and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, tea builds up the brain health. Additionally, green tea has been proven to maintain the learning and memory of the mind.


Most people argue that on the topic of green tea vs black tea, the former is a better choice. This may be because of the lack of research on black tea. However, it is important to remember that both are from the same plant and are full of healthy rewards – just not at the same contents. So start brewing those tea leaves and chug up on its health wonders!

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