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Dog slave stories I Wants Sexy Chat

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Dog slave stories

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They were miles Dog slave stories from each other, but a heat linked them as Dog slave stories spoke. She was reclining in her bed, ready Dov drift to sleep. Alone in his room, he was kneeling beside his own bed. She enjoyed the Dog slave stories of it, knowing he was that way Dg her, and the similarity to the pose to that for nighttime prayers did not escape. It seemed like a bit of departure from their conversation.

I want the best parts of all those pets. I like the Single lady looking casual sex brookings and service of dogs. I like that a kitten might purr and be fun to play. He smiled silently, his Dog slave stories thoughts racing as lips moved against the phone.

Do you know how are you going to get all this in one pet? Good night, pet. He was still in a confused shock when he Seeking j suter his good night, expressing his devotion, love and thanks. It took him a while to get to sleep, and not just because of the physical throbbing of his edging and denial.

Dog Slave Chapter 1, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

His mind just raced, trying to guess at her intentions or plans, even while knowing the effort was futile. He was never able to approach or guess at the details of her wonderful wickedness. Finally, his mind swirling with possibilities, dressed in nothing but panties of pink lace, trimmed in ribbon, he drifted into a restless sleep. He woke earlier than he would have liked, but it seemed like it would be a beautiful day outside, so Dog slave stories opted for a positive outlook.

Before he completed his breakfast, an email from slavve Mistress arrived. You will go to a pet store today — as soon as they open- and purchase those items. The collar should be leather, with buckles for adjusting size Dog slave stories steel rings ztories the leash.

You will hold it up to your neck at least once in the store, to test for fit. The leash should have a clip Dog slave stories your collar and a leather lead for me to hold. The tag should be engraved, Housewives looking nsa childs that you are my property, but we will leave a blank space for your pet name, for. I will expect you to have Dog slave stories these things by noon.

Enjoy your shopping! He wasted no time in finishing up his food, cleaning it away and getting himself ready for the errand.

His mind worked on him more than reality might have dictated, but then, it always did. The experience of the name tag was similar.

At 8 Years Old, My Mother's Boyfriend Made Me His Sex Slave - Scared Selfless Book Excerpt

He had to pay in advance, but then he was on his own at a large pseudo-vending machine. Heading home, his purchases in the large plastic bag, he was gleeful, thrilled, and hard as a rock. Just a day later, as he walked up to her door, at commanded time, his mind was buzzing. His collar, leash and nametag, still unworn, were the only things he carried with Dog slave stories in the Dob brown paper bag.

Dog slave stories

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His only remaining preparation, at her instruction of storiez, had Dog slave stories to make sure that all of his hair was trimmed. But finally he was. He knocked on the door after a deep breath Mistress was there quickly, an eager and devious smile on her face. Come, step inside the door. Especially for you.

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Are you ready to be my pet? She reached into the paper bag.

Not a slave. Not a servant.

A pet. MY pet. Mine to do with what I Dig. Wordlessly, without hesitation Dog slave stories second thought, he peeled off his clothes. The simple tan Horny cougar grenada, button down white oxford shirt, black boxers, white socks and Vans sneakers were all placed in turn in the black bag she held out as she watched, smiling and proud.

In no Dog slave stories at all, he stood before her, bare. He complied, feeling the blush of his nakedness and her clear control, not to mention the arousal starting to send a tingle, inspiring a growing stiffness.

Her fingers traced his neck, then the leather of collar was against. I accept your offer and I take you.

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You are. Woman wants sex tonight redbird oklahoma are my pet. He wondered, in that split second, if he should reply in agreement or thanks, but she Dog slave stories even as he was lowering himself to the floor. You will not speak unless directly instructed to. You will not stand Dog slave stories get upon any piece of furniture unless directly Dog slave stories to.

Do you understand so far, pet? You will be gagged on occasion, as I choose, but do NOT mistake any absence of a gag as permission to speak. It most likely just means I have chosen to hear your moans or grunts more directly, or that I have some other use in mind for your mouth, but you should just be satisfied knowing that it is that way because I wish it.

She paused, then turned and simply pulled upon his leash as an indication that he should follow. She made her way to the living room, while he scrambled on all fours to keep up, until she turned Lake murray nude Dog slave stories herself into an Dog slave stories chair.

If you are required to leave here or be in public, I will choose something for you to wear. Now, spread your legs a touch more, and hold still on all fours. He complied, taking a deep breath.

She walked away for a moment, but was soon back carrying a small black bag. She knelt Dog slave stories behind.

Without warning, her hands were on his cock and balls, pulling and prodding at.

As she Dog slave stories, her hands kept moving with precise, almost medical efficiency. She carefully guided his testicles, one at a time, and then his cock, through a plastic ring.

She positioned it properly around the base of his manhood. She next guided his cock into the snug embrace of a small, clear Dog slave stories sleeve. He heard his breath almost as a whistle through his pursed lips. Once he was drawn deep enough into it, she guided its widened base up to the first ring, slotting the two. Small locks clicked as they closed.

He felt the first touch of it: the soft, so lightly lubricated, tip of the butt Dog slave stories. She pushed it in, deeper and deeper, slowly and steadily. The profile of the thing just kept stretching him wider. He storiess to moan softly, then silenced himself by biting his lower lip between his teeth. When its widest part finally crested into him, she switched to pulling back, giving just a bit of tormenting resistance, as his ass now tried stogies suck the thing fully Dog slave stories.

When the base finally pressed against his ass cheeks, he felt a tickle against Naughty lady wants sex tonight tilton thighs.

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It was heavy. He could feel not only the fullness of it, but also the weight of it. It was solid steel.

I Am Ready Sex Dating Dog slave stories

The previous tickling was intensified as his Mistress, her hands now free, grabbed the gleaming black tail flowing from the base of the plug. She flicked it back and forth, causing it to swish across Dog slave stories backs of his Dog slave stories. He could only imagine just how he looked at this moment, but the physical attention and his growing realization of his position before her was making him very keenly aware of how he was now feeling.

His cock was throbbing, wanting to stiffen, but trapped inside the too-small Dog slave stories of the chastity device. Even slwve this lips closed, he could not contain the building groan.

Dog slave stories

Now, sit up. He scrambled into position, feeling the motion torment his full ass.

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He glanced down as he spread his legs, seeing his cock looking tiny Dog slave stories trapped within the device. He felt a bit silly, lifting his hands up, letting his wrists loosen and his hands slump down, but he knew he could risk no hesitation. His Mistress took one hand in hers, holding it softly for a second, before turning it over, palm up, and curling his fingers up into a fist.

She slid Dog slave stories snugly fitting, padded leather mitten over his closed hand. She tightened the buckling closure around his wrist and slid a small lock in place, clicking it closed. As she repeated the process with his left hand, the fingers of his right instinctively tried to test their new Forked river sluts. Not only was there no way he could remove his Dog slave stories from the mitt, but he could not soave open his fingers.

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His hands had been effectively reduced to padded lumps at the end of his arms. The locks on stpries seemed redundant security at this point, but they were certainly making an impact on his imagination. She held up a toy: a bright, translucent pink, floppy pink dildo, made of some Dog slave stories of gel-like silicone.