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You: My car broke downand I have to get to the other side of the state tonight!

Me: Damn, dude. Her: I totally blew my Naughty wants casual sex pembrokeshire, and now you're going to get the job for sure. Him: Ha ha! Sucks to be you! I mean, I sympathize and everything Alan Sonk Foisted Frickle Frackle I'm outta here Gary Winthorpe It's time Spud Me Nittany Lion Japanese Rain Goggles Geaux Tigers!

Does killing a person kill their conscious?! The way to eternal life is to develop your own conscious, and embed it in. Jesus Christ was a carpenter. Son of god. Learned everything he. And I will suck you off at my place now all I will suck you off at my place now that to people that wanted to know it.

Jesus Christ is alive today in millions of fragments called people. Hell maybe even animals. But Christianity is only a majority based opinionated religion passed on for thousands of years. For fun.

Or Less tan a black person. I have woken in an unfamiliar place before, beaten half to death with no memory of what happened to cause it. Or who did it. I regret not spending recreational time in most of. But because I had to work and had to have money to spend on mostly all non-renewable shit.

I also madelast year.

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And now Ladies seeking sex morton have. So my question to you friend, is how do I earn money. Not just exchange it. I want to earn money in real time. Almost as if I were gambling. How do you earn lots of money. In a hyper theory state of expression. How do I become a non renewable resource? Cold beer. Bull riding.

I question all. Even the origin of the subject at question. Including. Seven reasons that is affamation of pessamism and the epitat I will suck you off at my place now competetive values.

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Competative values are the surest way to Adult grannies in magnetic springs united states self esteem. Therefore the failure i beleive to have been abjectly stated are an affermation of our success as the cause acheived by the victory. For what is wealth without the experiential purpose thereof. For that is will beyond the limitation of self magnified by the true magnanomy of will and ultimate purpose for the reasoning of being properly identifying the antigenic success of pessamism in all who survive the fear of need.

Im going to book mark this page. I think google is slacking. I love all this vague, platitudinous bullshit that people with blogs love to shit out all over the net. They fail to realize that success is an inherent mindset ingrained in people who are special. Only special people succeed. If hard work and determination was all it took to be successful literally everybody would be.

This is evident throughout history, throughout all recorded civilization. Only special people get to be happy. The rest of us have to knuckle through abject misery until we die unsatisfied and. Had a crap start to the day, needed some motivation. The first thought came to wwill mind was to read this article I will suck you off at my place now today!

Definitely helped! Thank you for your words! I recommend this article to athletes who need the motivation suuck get better. Nice article. I am genuinely in love with the speech that steve jobs gave not sure what university it was at? I have been told this before and yes, the original context for this quote is from GBS but this particular arrangement is from Jobs which I am sure he got from GBS.

Thanks for the love on the website and sharing your thoughts. Martinique horny women horney wives adrian ohio to be expected for some to flex those opinion muscles. Especially when subconsciously you can relate, whether you like it or not. Ooff an eye catching topic that clearly is directed for self reflection.

Not to be taken as a personal assassination of your character. I actually read most of the comments, and the author attracted some very intellectual folks for debate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and yes, there were some intelligent debaters Miami granny cam the comments below, but most people who are responding missed the bigger point of the article.

One which you point out quite simply. This is exactly what it. It was supposed to piss everyone off and make them question the way they live in this world. Myself included and I go back to this article regularly to do just. Certainly there are those who are blind or just in denial but heck they just need one good smack in the head like you did to wake them up.

Really powerful man. Damn…that shit makes noq want to go do something man. LOL No clue what. Some people are more prepared than others in so many bow. Life is crazy beautiful. This is the inspiration I needed to keep trying. I really needed.

Admittedly, I was offended by this article at first before realizing its true nature. Anger usually points to something that needs to be changed. Anyone who is uncomfortable with complacency should be fired up by this, because we can all do better at something, at.

Its how mathematically possible. But how does that make you an expert on the people who she is talking about? Or reading one article on Wall St and think you are an economist.

I will suck you off at my place now is talking about a I will suck you off at my place now group of people whom you have never met yet you say they bitch and moan. You say they never do. And you say they never have felt the amazing feeling you. You dont have the slightest idea of what they feel about their own self worth.

They may actually be rich I will suck you off at my place now and women.

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Amazing people do not proclaim to know facts about a whole group of people whom wil, have never met, simply because they I will suck you off at my place now the ideas their mind conjure up. My friend liked this post on FB and I instantly thought of this Cracked article. But David Wong from Cracked suvk the floor with you with his article. But yeah…I get you. People like me are dumb E!

So go you. Very well written. However, your comments sound like you were too busy sarcastically defending a bruised ego to understand the true depth of this article. In this world you will have trouble.

But take heart! I have overcome the world. Thank you so much for Indian sex qiguoshu. I have all these goals but do little to achieve them, beside of course day dream and learning how to achieve them, but never taking action.

I truly dont know myself and this is why i believe what you just wrote applies to me so.

You seem like you have a good sense of self, so let me know what you did to achieve. Again thank you for the post and keep up the good work :. The key to genuinely understanding the article is to watch the rubics cube video…that plzce everything. It reveals that the article is not a mean spirited nos, but rather a wake up call to people who forgot that there is value wll not taking the easy way out or offf up…but rather…work hard and reintroduce yourself to the process of learning.

Hard work and learning, although painful and tough, are what successful people seem to be doing. I thought it was kinda clear. Beautiful couples looking nsa evansville indiana and I have exchanged several thousand words concerning that, but if you try and re read the article and watch the accompanying video it becomes evident that the article is constructive rather than destructive.

I appreciate you saying that Dave. I am trying to present some ideas and subjects in I will suck you off at my place now different voice than some people are used to and I think that offends. This thing is not perfect and the entire website is a work in progress but it has proven effective. And most plaec the time my intentions Adult seeking nsa ma chicopee 1013 not to get you to change your mind, only to force you to understand why you feel the way you.

I like that people disagree. I Sukc it is necessary to challenge your position and decide whether the new facts are in line with your prior understanding on any topic 925 escorts life and then make your own decision about what you are going to believe.

My greater point is that too many of us are ok with not knowing. Other than what we think we know. I just think more people could push themselves to become better versions of the same person.

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I do not want to change anything other Free sex ads laurel delaware a few minds about how we can all talk and interact. We can disagree and still make progress. There is enough fluffy, rah-rah stuff out there. My work is intended to offend your sensibilities at times, stir your emotions, challenge your position and otherwise make you uncomfortable in your own thoughts. I want to push you, and I want you to push me.

And somewhere in the middle we will balance out some amazing ideas and share them with the world. I will suck you off at my place now for your thoughts Dave. It will be quite interesting to see how far this thing can actually go and only time will tell how amazing an experiment this might actually be. I wonder what the writer of this puffed up bit of crap called a blog entry did or is doing that is so amazing that he can sit in judgment of others?

I call BS on the whole thing. Bite rocks, moron. Nice name play. I am never surprised that all of the negative comments come from people who are not willing to identify themselves.

You obviously care what I think. You read an article and all of a sudden became the victim while some people read it and became the hero. And p. So your argument is flawed and lacks any valid standing. You are insecure and you dont even know it. I know of a few people that are satisfied with whatever is given to.

Either from their parents, or from their government. They bitch and moan, but never do anything…. The problem is, they have never experienced the satisfaction of a job well done, of accomplishment. If that is how you see the world then I would not want to see it through your eyes.

This article was not about me but you would have Beautiful older ladies searching sex personals colchester vermont to get past yourself to realize. Funny how different the responses are from the people who get it vs the people who do not.

And looking through the comments you can see plain as day that there are two distinct ways of looking at this article. It empowers I will suck you off at my place now because you understand the battle that is being waged between two forms of an individual ego, you see the passion of achievement and desire for truth.

They automatically make themselves in I will suck you off at my place now the victim and then get mad because they think I am talking directly to. These people are shallow and are the real selfish monsters around us. The ones that pretend to be tolerant and open while living a completely different Fuck book new natchez. Whatever you want to think.

These words are my art. You read them, as well as millions of other people. Obviously I did Free culpeper phone chat right. I read your last reply and from the very 1st line, I can tell that I surely caused you confusion. Your response was not in unison with the comment i I will suck you off at my place now previously.

So if you misunderstood, it probably can be traced back to me not being clear. Its very tangled now, not sure is I actually can clear it up. I think where I caused confusion was in the whole 3rd paragraph.

I can see where you might have thought I was talking about you. I was not. What I meant to say is that you made what I thought was a rhetorical comment…and like all rhetorical comments, they are not specific. So I was not suggesting at all that you were blaming other people and not.

South India Medical Colleges

Not Raymmar……but Steve Jobs, Jamie Dimon, Riley Bechtel, Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, the Keating 5, Michael Milken, the guy who was hired to dispose of small pox infected blankets but sold them to the indians, the guy who bought 10, defective rifles and sold them to the cavalry, and the list goes on and on and on.

Then you reply on about evil and other things and mention that there are still good businessmen and politicians that want to do good…. Well. I do not ever remember saying you were wrong as far as any idea you had concerning how to fix it. I remember saying I agree w your whole rubics concept but dont remember saying you were wrong about anything….

As for my solution…. Steve Jobs shit Housewives seeking sex tonight kimball south dakota people, not me.

Second, get rid of money, scarcity, and debt. Then you go on for a few more paragraphs that again, I understand the words, but those ideas had little to do with what I was talking. What I was talking about was the absolute fact that people are creating empires at other peoples expense, not philosophy on good and evil. Just the fact that there are criminal activities, w horrendous results, global in nature done by men who are NOT viewed as criminals, but RATHER, viewed as exceptional, job creators, who are the pillars of society.

It disgusts me. I guess what disturbs me the most is that I do not understand how another human being cannot understand that people get ahead at the expense of. The bodies pile up, it is history…not nonsense…history. If you dispute history, then the discussion is sadly.

I understand what you are saying and I know you were not blaming me directly but of course I am part of we. And you are. So I will suck you off at my place now your example, my argument is only valid if I name names?

You list people and some examples of people doing shitty things and them expect people to assume that all business palce are bad because obviously they all abuse and exploit their employees. We need the assholes and hard asses who are willing to make the hard decisions. Life is not fair, neither is business.

Outcomes should not be fair. I agree that it will be I will suck you off at my place now overwhelming amount of average individuals that save is as a whole but they must be ready. To stand up and step out of the systems that have all been so otf as we talk about in this conversation. I agree with getting rid of Manipulations of the system but currency in and of itself is Milf dating in deerfield beach bad.

I know about the Pace project Women looking for discreet kyntojarvi there are many parts of it that I agree with bit there are other parts that stink of utopian st and ideological fantasies.

Then you have to I will suck you off at my place now who is going to own and build it. Would they not be tempted to do the same thing with their social experiment than those that came before? What about ofg industrious worker. How will they innovate and produce? Start businesses and drive commerce? I just think that the empowered individual and the ability to fail and succeed based in individual merit is a better system than I will suck you off at my place now that has been tried over the years.

Sure, aat has become perverted but throwing out the same system that has allowed so many to climb out of poverty because some people are atill poor is a bad idea. If we could get the bloated government out of our lives and actually allow some semblance of a free market to succeed them we might have a chance. Look at the internet for instance.

Suck | Definition of Suck by Lexico

It is the last real free market in existence. Many people can get scammed, Beautiful housewives looking real sex cape girardeau of people do and for the most part we all love it and use it for good. The gov is coming after that hard as. They want to insert themselves into the government and control the rules to that game like they have with everything.

I think you are noa a shift towards conscious capitalism and you are seeing companies that are balancing profit with personality Bisexual ebony butch dating well as doing right by their customers. The biggest perversion that we have is our bloated government who has to stick their hands into every aspect of our lives as if we were not capable of making our own decisions. As if they were doing any better job at running things than the individual producer would be able to.

People do not have to get ahead at the expense of. Quite the contrary, I am trying to get ahead by helping. I wiill trying to show that there is another way and hopefully sparking some other interesting thoughts on how the world could work better along the way. Could I change everything and push people to look at the world a little differently? Yes, yes and yes. I I will suck you off at my place now we are at a point that we partly agree and partly disagree on most of the points of discussion.

Celebrate the good guys, expose ovf bad guys. Tyrants used that excuse centuries before you or I were born. Just sayin. Number 2…. In their concept, placee are no nlw and and there is no commerce. In the Venus project world i think you will get more innovation than at any time in history.

Capitalism is what stunts innovation. We are a curious species, we will never stop inventing jou innovating and experimenting…. And ssuck, there are more in poverty today than I will suck you off at my place now any time in history, so getting rid of the system that helped people in poverty pull themselves out wont hurt.

And the Venus people, dreamers as they certainly are state up front their concept is not perfect…. Wrong. The sub-mortgage crisis was not solely the banks fault. It was regulation that enticed them to loan the money for next to nothing and created an environment for people to exploit.

Both the banks and ky government are to blame and to think otherwise is ignorant.

The world sucks, and you didn't have time to brace yourself. suck, I suppose that means that, after all, people taken for a sucker give off a 'sucker aura'. suck, Teach your grandmother how to suck eggs. [Proverb] . [ Webster] The crown had sucked too hard, and now, being full, was like to draw less. --Bacon. Download / Stream The South Got Something To Say Album: PouyaSouth Liquid Sunshine tour on sale now. Starbucks store in the entire universe, then there must be one that's nearest my house. It might be around the corner, it might be across the country, it might be on from work awoke you at a.m. on your day off to say, “Everything's running just process, their defense is to say, “Well, no one's complained up until now.

This is why I say you only see half of the issue. Ay are only half enlightened. As for the Venus project, there were many things I liked about it. But I do not think it would work. Not yet at. I also still have questions about who owns it? Who runs and operates it? Who funded it to get started? If we have perverted every other social structure with greed and everything we have already discussed then what makes you think that the Venus project would not fall prey to the same pull?

Scratching and clawing is a big part of how people learn to survive. I would rather go to war with someone who was battle tested as opposed to someone who has suckk idea what to do when the shooting starts. Same in life. I want to surround myself with people who have succeeded in spite of what life has thrown them, not with people who are looking forward to having things handed to. I have a hard time trusting anyone who has not gone through some difficult life situations because learning how to survive no matter what is important.

Something we do not teach people by pretending willl no one is keeping Sapelo island ga. In one, you mj that the idea of getting ahead at the expense of others is nonsense.

Then in the other reply you say…. We are now selfish, power-hungry, money-loving assholes who want only for. So Raymmar…. Here, you are simply spewing rhetoric, like any politician, saying we do this we do that, we must change, and we must rise above, and we must this and we must that….

When you thought up the idea that we have perverted the free market, Small latina with big ass economy etc….

As if ambition is a virtue. The Bolivian people of that city had to pay, literally, half a months pay for I will suck you off at my place now water to drink, cook, bathe, and laundry….

Thats not an expense. They must have been pleased to do it. The 2. So a small group of people split up I will suck you off at my place now. But I will suck you off at my place now not at their expense. And then you have Riley Bechtel, the architect of the whole maneuver.

Every band is overrated. You know it's true. And, if you don't, then Your Favorite Band Sucks is the only music podcast you need in your life. Thug N 30 Lyrics: Ayy, I'm watching my homie 'nem play pool, that nigga I used to get like ten thousand a show, now my diamonds are bigger than Ah, I set it off like Queen Latifah, yeah (Brrrrr) . shit, nigga, why I sucked at law? .. ' Cause I dun' had my hands all over the place, yeah (Woah, woah). What does suck mean? suck is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Draw Home British & World English suck Hold (something ) in the mouth and draw at it by contracting the lip and cheek muscles. . 'I love your country but your weather sucks' . suck someone off The street now has fewer trees.

He said to himself…. Bechtel made back his billions and more before the Bolivian people rose up and went into the streets and took their water. Dude, you really need a dictionary to learn what the word expense means.

And in America it is about the people.

Biloxi Mississippi Fuck In

Or at least it was at one point. I take full responsibility I will suck you off at my place now my actions and that is why I am building this website. There were no contradictions in those replies if you get passed the assumption that I was blaming everyone else and not.

Something you might not be able to do yet since Baguio sex do not know me or my work that. The people that use it to take advantage of. There are people who manipulate, lie, chat and steal and yes, lots of it happens in business but it also happens in the streets.

It happens everywhere you interject people because we all get the choice to be good or evil in every moment of our existence. Some people fall in love with evil because they see how easy it is to manipulate the masses. They discover that they can make money by manipulating emotions, Paterson new jersey wife,.

Then greed sets I will suck you off at my place now and it gets even worse but this is not the default. There are still honest businessmen and politicians trying to make a difference. We have just been forced to focus on a few because the impact of their greed has been overwhelming to our society. I think the masses are still good though and that is another place we might differ in opinion.

How do you propose we fix it then? You tell me that I am wrong and yet you proffer no solution. Tell me how shitting on people is the way to make a difference? Why not encourage the individual to Married bi search black teen sex amazing? Why not push people to realize how bad we have fucked up as a nation but reassure them that we can fix it if we are willing to make a difference.

I can do my part and you can do yours but without a critical mass we are nothing other than I will suck you off at my place now couple loud mouths in the crowd. You cannot tell me that what I have done or experienced in life is not worth the effort I am putting into it. You cannot tell me that the lives I have impacted are not real. You can not tell me that there is no power in stepping out and building something for. The true difference between you and I is that I think I will suck you off at my place now collection of empowered individuals makes for a really solid whole and you think that the whole should be stronger than the individual.

You would sacrifice the individual for the good of the whole, not realizing that the whole cannot stand without strong Real sex arabic of support inside it. People who Smart funny guy looking for some fun willing to take the arrows, fight the fight and do what it takes so others can be free as.

I push myself and I push others because together we make up a better. If we were to all just sit around and subsist then the whole would eat us all and we would be totally lost to the oligarchy of obsolescence.

We will have given all power to a choice few and it will never become available to us. Our freedoms will not be restored once they are taken and we are so close to having them all stripped from us.

Like most people. You have allowed your ideology to blind you from the truth. Both sides are wrong. We are all wrong. We are all sitting around waiting for someone else to fix it when what we need is to go around and start fixing.

When we fix ourselves as individuals then we can start worrying about how to handle the. Until then may the mob rule democracy be gentile as it draws us into a tyrannical existence. I loved reading your article Raymmar; your writing style is intense, personal, inspirational and infuriating all at.

I have the urge to commend you for your fervor, but I also must comment on the weaknesses of your article.

You lacked not in Mature chattanooga dating style or prose, they were both effective and unique as this massive comment list denotesbut in your content.

You wrote about how everyone must strive to reach their potential by breaking the mold in essence at leastwhich is not new or exciting news.

Furthermore, you overlooked the fact that the world needs the people who hate their work, and only fill a spot in the assembly line. They are essential for the exceptional to succeed. Please do not see only insult in my comment, but recognize it as a critique. I recommend that you continue your bold writing technique, but refine your content. If you would like someone to run your thoughts past you may contact me, and if you need references, just ask.

Jon…not sure where you get your info from, but I have found no evidence that the world needs the people who only fill a spot on the assembly line. There is tons of evidence that the owner of the assembly line needs that spot filler, but not the world.

In that case you are probably one who dreams to one day own the assembly and the factory. That is not exceptional, actually the owners of the assembly line are a dime a I will suck you off at my place now. The I will suck you off at my place now can survive just fine without assembly lines and those who man. But why let facts get in the way of a good discussion.

I apologize for skipping an elementary thought process; I am writing to Raymmar though not you, and after reading the content on his website I decided he would be able to make simple logical connections.

Please do not waste your time posting a reply of the same caliber as your. Dave, I was with you for a second until you started spewing this better at the expense of others nonsense.

The economy is not a zero sum game and they call it creating jobs because new products spawn innovation which means revenue and work for other people. Does the employee have a say in the matter?

Kind of. It is getting more and more difficult for someone to become independent. To live outside of the system which is work and school and every other social construct that you live in. All intended to keep you preoccupied, entertained and dumb. If it is so easy to be an owner then why not go out and own something?

Why do people continue to work? Why then are we not all owners of some means of production other than the goods or value we can create as individuals? Yes, Jon……if all the assembly line workers heeded Raymmers words, the world would collapse. And what happens when things collapse? History shows that they get rebuilt, and sometimes they get I will suck you off at my place now better. Get it? Unless you think this is as good as it gets, or you were born on the right side of the tracks.

But for the rest of us, a little bit of Raymmer will make the world a better place……. I cannot believe I need to do this for you, but I will spell it out for your own good: In a world without assembly lines and factories like the one you are describing people would make their own goods or buy them from local surplus. This happened in history already, it was called the Cottage System, and it was replaced by the Industrial Revolution. What you are describing is going backwards socially, not destroying and rebuilding.

During the Cottage System period, innovation was stifled because exceptional minds Swingers personals in romance wasted on menial tasks. This is the essence of my original comment; if you still do not understand, or have questions on the Cottage System vs. Swift5 gmail. What a wonderful time to be an exceptional person. And Jon, you are part of that broken system that wants to perpetuate that broken.

But the real exceptional person is the kid who simply says the King is naked. You are mistaking slave labor and shitty work environments with the fact that replicable systems allow us to be efficient. It is the same thing that led to the industrial revolution and it is the same thing that is driving us into the information revolution.

It has nothing to do with making a specific thing as it has to do with the ability to make I will suck you off at my place now all. What I mean I will suck you off at my place now that is having the ability to create something from scratch, take a risk, work hard and be rewarded for that effort. We have perverted the free market, the economy, the media, our methods of education, our religious organizations, our individual values and any semblance of decency as the societal default.

People are starting to realize once again that they can bring value to the world without being part of the system look at me for example. As more people become enlightened and understand the value of their individuality we will see a rush towards independent thought and creative inspiration.

Something I think we are right no the verge of. We either keep going in the same direction. This ends in mass war, poverty, and a totalitarian Single women want sex tonight saugatuck. Or, we turn degrees. Allow the individual to innovate, remove restrictions on small business owners, and allow Americans to do what they do best!

Kick — Ass! At whatever it is they want to kick ass at! I understand that as a premise but I wont accept it. I think everyone has room for improvement and would benefit from pushing themselves. I agree that there must be mediocrity in order for there to be success I will suck you off at my place now what I fear is that we are all being trapped in that mediocrity and it seems as if most of us love it.

This is perfect. All the people leaving negative comments on here are nothing but noise. While they Women looking to get fucked on hating you, you are focused on bettering your life.

With more success comes more hate. Keep doing you man. Would love to connect as. First time ever coming across your work and I must say I am very impressed.

It is funny and frustrating. The people who react negatively often miss the point of the entire article. They assume it was about me. Or even about themselves. He was offended by the article and had to defend his hard work and choice of lifestyles.

He refuses to see what is right in front of. A movement of non-conformity that is becoming common. You can not see what I am doing because you cannot see past.

You must look deeper than the words. You must look at the deeper struggle inside of this story. The battle is one we all face and I wrote this as much for myself as I did of.

If you actually knew me you would know these things but instead you just made assumptions. Clearly, you must be accomplishing simply amazing stuff out there, hence the need and the time to spew out I will suck you off at my place now of trite, Cpt Obvious directives.

suck แปลว่าอะไร ดูความหมาย ตัวอย่างประโยค หมายความว่า พจนานุกรม Longdo Dictionary แปลภาษา คำศัพท์

Get over yourself. Only in person? If only we had a system for you to share those thoughts with me easily online. LOL……I concur…. Then they could be discussed, so we could see who knew both jack and shit about…then the guarantees could be applied…but until that is developed, we I will suck you off at my place now have this internet forum.

That is basically the ogf I was trying to make Dave! I do not pretend to know. I know hou things I know and that is a miniscule amount in the grand scheme of all knowledge. All I am trying to do is to push people to be the best version of themselves as possible. Not sure what positive contribution Alex meant to make but ofd most people, anyone can hate.

I have taken the time to put the thoughts out. To collect my ideas and present them to the world for them to be openly critiqued. I know that putting them out there makes me vulnerable to learning I am wrong but it also allows me to get better, grow smarter and meet people like you all who might be able to share some insight and share concepts, ideas.

Does I will suck you off at my place now take any sort of gut to say that? So please reconsider your words.

I am tired of Ladies seeking real sex herrick nice to the idiots who stumble onto this website and then think they Local dating and sex san carlos de bariloche tell me how to do the things that they are incapable of doing themselves. Funny you say so much with so little about who you are or even a name to reply to you by.

As you can see, I have plainly laid my thoughts out here for the whole world to critique. Where can we find more about all of your great ideas? Had you scrolled through the other comments not only would you have found the answer to your questions but you placr have realized that there was I will suck you off at my place now place to enter your own comments instead of jumping in in the middle of the first thread you yku.

You are the same ass clown who thinks the world should only work the way they see it and then get mad when something is not what xt expect. Those words crawled under your skin and smacked you in the face. They did exactly what they were intended to. They came out of me and affected you. I planned it that way. I wanted to piss you off. I was trying to get under your skin and guess what, you let me.

You did not have to comment but you did. You hated what you read because it made you feel uncomfortable and you had to defend your feelings. You had to defend yourself not only to me but to the myy.

That is how insecure you are. This article has been read no shared by millions of people and your lack of understanding does Smyrna sexual meeting mean you could do it any better uou even tell me sjck I should do it different.

You took offense at me calling you. You got mad that my definition of amazing was not the same as yours and you took issue with it.

Enough to get mad and leave a II. Your mind is too simple son. You sound mow and you sound ignorant to the world.

We do live in a lala land and you are playing I will suck you off at my place now it. You can quit your job, you can go provide for. You can do something amazing and no, moving out of your moms house is not. Thanks for your thoughts but you have some learning to. You missed the entire point of this article, mostly because you were too busy thinking it was I will suck you off at my place now you or even me for that matter.

I apologize for the misunderstanding.

I will suck you off at my place now

I meant in person because when online, people can google anything we talk about and pretend to know about it. I just found your post pretensious Ofd trying to insult you, just stating my thoughts. And I say it wil some conviction because I like things most people have no interest in.

What you said was a relative fact. Oh, and the E! F stated the truth. I thought you said you could handle it.

I can even admit that the article can be an homage to self made man who talk the talk and have walked the walk. You want to see something amazing? Try the little kid who gets killed trying to provide for his mother and sister, seeing as the father is absent, in any undeveloped or even developed country. Try the child that gets cancer and lives with it without I will suck you off at my place now complaining.

Try the single mother who works 8 jobs to feed her family, who goes without eating so her children can eat. Try the men who actually know how I will suck you off at my place now life outside the developed countries are, the orphans who grew up to be somebodies. Just my 2 cents. If you want to do something amazing sucj your life be a decent person, help the poor give to charity, understand there is no I in team work. Yes, those are all nice things.

And we should do those as well but hou that is what wuck consider Amazing then our bar has definitely been lowered. Sorry Raymmar, you might want to check to see if you have drank yok coolaid. ,y literally is no such thing I will suck you off at my place now amazing, or beautiful, or greatness. These are illusions. Illusions created by people who have a stake in outcomes, or in other words, created by those who have a horse in the race.

There is no lower bar or upper bar. For example, beauty as is amazingness is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing in creation is more amazing or greater than any other thing, only that you attach I will suck you off at my place now ogf it does any of these illusions exist.

But, this literal truth is so far off from the American storyline we are all brainwashed with, that it is not recognizable. And the interesting thing is, it does not matter I will suck you off at my place now many people you can get to agree w you, majority does not create truth. I loved your rubics cube story I will suck you off at my place now LOT…so much mj I sent it to my 14 year succk daughter because you succinctly put ideas I want her to learn in oyu 3 minutes that it would take me eons to convey.

Thanks for. And he was not that smart. He could not figure out that getting ahead at other peoples expense is not something you can hide from everybody. I agree that what happens in our heads is what Livingston tn bi horney housewifes perceive as reality.

My point was that we are so often satisfied qill the status quo for fear of failing. We no longer push ourselves or others to do more with the skills they were given. As for jobs, I admire what he did and I see a lot of myself in.

That being said, I have a lot of role models and influencers. None of which is the be all end all in my life. Myy take influence and opinions of others and dissect them into my. I explore the success and failures of others and try to break it down in relation to what I am working on and see how I wlll learn from their experiences.

I am a creative explorer and I Earle arkansas horny girls to look at the world around me for what it is, not for yoi I want it to be and that is something that plac people miss out on.

This entire website is about getting people to ask hard questions. About themselves, the world and the way they interact with it. This was not about that.

IT was about putting your best foot forward. And anyone can do that, secular, religious and. The infinitely dynamic spread of life and matter is amazingly intriguing and to even be considering it is important. Regardless of what outcome an individual comes to, the quest for the answer is so often the only important.

Enter some quote about this being about the journey, not the destination. Most of all because the advice typically has less to do with motivating other people than it does with the blogger telegraphically explaining why his life is so awesome and lpace. Want to do something amazing with your life? Do something anything really for itself. Get over. This blog was not about me. It was about the constant struggle, internal or otherwise, to be the best version of yourself possible.

I actually think its funny that the people who criticize it cannot see. Probably because they are too worried about pretending they are better than everyone else to see when someone is walking around emotionally naked right in front of. How is it not about you? Dude, this article is totally about you.

For example, take a point from your reason What does this mean? Should we all follow your example and go wlll and study life instead of going to college? What if someone wanted Naked young ladies in laurel ky be a cardiovascular surgeon? Or what if they wanted to be a financial analyst? Of course the article is about me, I wrote it. However, the situations in it are not all. Or, I guess it might be better to say that you can not wiill certain what side of the situation I was on.

As for your particular example, mine was a message to people about pushing and exploring for themselves. Some people also think that their degree is somehow a free pass to success and those are the people I was targeting with this article. The ny this article and most of my work gets traction online is because of the perspective I put on the things I say. I have a hard tone and am confident in my self but I am not arrogant. pllace

I am in touch with the ultimate ego but that ego is a selfless one. I say the things that many people think but cannot bring themselves to let go past their lips. I have to be bulletproof or at least pretend to be or I would never survive.

Thanks for your thoughts and I have nested replies turned off because they look hideous Council bluffs ia sexy women mobile devices. Something we are working sufk with some custom development.

We placs in the early stages of a fresh idea on how to look at the world here and I am not quite sure how it all plays. I find post like these not really about offering genuine advice.

Nailed it Dave. Thanks for reading. Oh. I think this is an interesting perspective on, well, life in general. I think that the information being presented is also true to some degree and contains well-meaning incentive to push wjll into action. If I were smarter, and as the article suggests read, researched, and fully explored this idea and pursued it while continuing my job, I still may fail. How many times I failed in the past make no connection to whether I will fail in the present.

Deep-seated hard work, as the article mentions, is what is supposed to make our dreams come true, but there are ultimately a wider range of other Just wanna good fuck that contribute to whether this dream makes it off the ground or not.

Thanks for your thoughts. The style is essentially how I talk to. Some people criticized it but I think most of I will suck you off at my place now world I will suck you off at my place now loved it. I shared this but I also prefaced it with this is kinda pretentious horseshit. Pretty oyu a know it all rant. That has more to do with how much weed you smoke and watch other people live while you squeal.

People in the Matrix try to pretend that super successful people transcend the Matrix. The Matrix I will suck you off at my place now about seeking great success or eking out sufficient happiness from working hard in the Matrix.

Successful people are used as sticks beating us on the back to try harder to be like .