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Soon the whole room was chanting words like pussy and asshole loud enough that a passerby on the street would probably think an orgy was happening on the other side of the wall.

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But I wasn't at an orgy at all—I Looking for a bj classes sitting front and center, with a notepad in one hand and a bottle of lube in the other, taking Babeland 's two-hour-long " Beyond the Blow Job " class.

Now, what makes someone want to enroll in something as crazy as a blow job course in the first place? Curiosity, of course. After all, you clicked, vj I did too when I came across the class while mindlessly Web-surfing a few weekends ago.

It seems like every Looking for a bj classes seconds blow job tricks are getting revived and reinvented, which means it's time for me to start keeping up. First it was the grapefruit BJ cpasses took the Internet by storm, and now, apparently, the corkscrew is the next big thing in the world of oral.

Hoping to learn more about these "new" techniques, and being the up-for-anything Scorpio adventurer that I am, I thought it might be fun to seize such a seemingly bizarre opportunity.

So Looking for a bj classes boss sent me out to report back from the trenches and go deeper than any other reporter has ever gone.

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After yelling "COCK! The tips they offered seemed fairly basic, initially, and the majority of the first half felt like your average college lecture. But then one of Looking for a bj classes instructors whipped out a monster dildoput a condom on it, and showed us how to "slap it" and use our lips on it like "a harmonica," things got real serious real fast.

Looking for a bj classes not to act like that year-old boy who just heard the word penis for the first time, I diverted my eye contact away from the instructor and turned around to see if anyone else would join me in being embarrassed.

But much to my surprise, everyone seemed intrigued and totally into it and was quickly jotting down notes, like the instructor's one-liner, "Stroke the cock like it's a snake and you're a Bond villain.

Next, we passed around different sex toys and were shown the most pleasurable ways to use them on our partner while the teachers demo-ed on a dildo. And here I had been thinking that using a vibrator during sex made me a badass. Pshhh— nope.

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Our instructors introduced us to things I'm not even sure Christian Grey knows exist. Floggers, butt plugs, vibrators, feathers, penis sleeves—you name it, we most definitely covered it. After briefly going over some " basic kinky vocabulary " to use with our toys, we talked about the importance of using non-silicone-based lube to best preserve your sex toys and silicone lube for pretty much everything. To feel the subtle difference, we got to squirt a few Lokking on our hands.

Not thinking, of Looking for a bj classes, I put a huge glob on my palm, which made taking notes 10 times harder had to for Looking for a bj classes rest of the hour.

Luckily I Looming able to wash it Looking for a bj classes at break-time, when the rest of the class sipped on prosecco and perused around the store looking at all the sex equipment. About 15 minutes later Looking for a bj classes were thrown right back in it, talking orgasm controlrole-playingand—the best but scariest part of the class, IMO— anal.

Up until the class, anal, for me, was the stuff of nightmares. But Babeland taught us that if you loosen up your rear in the right way, there's really no reason you should be hurting or having unexpected encounters with feces—which, for me, made me seriously intrigued and open to the possibility of trying it.

Apparently there are different rings in your anus, and with slow penetration and lots of lube, you can properly "wine and dine" your butt hole their words, not mine for serious pleasure purposes. To demonstrate the "wining" and "dining," one of the sex instructors made a Looking for a bj classes and, using the space in between her index and thumb, started to gently massage it with a lubed-up butt plug.

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If that didn't make everyone roar loud enough, one of the other instructors hinted that your butt hole can be a bit of a diva, and that if you want to put something inside of it, you have to "wait until it is ready" and "treat it right. A few more minutes of informative butt talk later, the class ended and we were able to meet and greet the Looking for a bj classes themselves.

I thanked them for their advice, grabbed my friend—who was feeling particularly inspired and purchased a crazy bondage toy that resembled a can opener—and left Babeland with Looking for a bj classes bag full Adult singles dating in stockville nebraska ne handouts. All in all, it was a great experience and I actually did learn a new bag of tricks to help me get even more comfortable when venturing down.

Aside from the pleasure tips, Babeland kept talking about the importance of slowing down foreplay and taking it all in, something that is so easy to forget when you get stuck in a monotonous routine after awhile.

Though, I have to say, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to use my cucumber Did any of the tips actually work? Type keyword s to search. Courtesy of Babeland. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Sex Ideas.