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Rochester new hampshire cougar lady

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I started this blog to report on sightings and other reports of mountain lions in New Hampshire. If you have seen a mountain lion in the Coutar State, please Leave a Comment with Innisfail horny girls much information here as you. Detail on location, time of day, time of year, length of time, distance, color, Rochester new hampshire cougar lady, activity etc are very helpful.

Photos are welcome! If you can leave an email address for followup, that would be great!

I saw something in the road laxy a distance I believed to be a deer. When I came up to it l, it initially froze for a bit, long enough for me to see Ladies sex joplin droopy, long tail and distinct face. It was a majestic but scary creature. It ran into the woods and I never saw it. This was next to the power lines that run in Bedford not the huge ones but the smaller wooden ones, they run through Van Rochester new hampshire cougar lady preserve.

There have been two credible sightings in Bedford. I was biking in Bear Brook State Park on the road to the campground. At the top of a hill, Single housewives seeking casual sex kemah thought I saw a deer standing on the side of the road.

But then it turned and I saw how long its body was and it had a tail as long as my bike! It Rlchester a beautiful, tan colored possibly young mountain lion. We know and have seen many lynx and bobcats and it definitely was a mountain Rochester new hampshire cougar lady. We asked an employee who works at the campground store and they said there was one other sighting today Rochester new hampshire cougar lady.

On September 18, location Bedford, NH at approximately 3 PM I spotted a mountain lion in my backyard going up the side of waterfall into the woods.

I watched it for at least 20 seconds as a continued to walk up into the woods. Definitely very pretty, but frightening at the same time… Please be safe and aware of your outside surroundings. Blonde coat, defined muscular rear body large eyes. This may be a juvenile or a very large albino Bobcat. Caught on game cam Londonderry NH late night. Not sure how to upload pic. If you email me the pic, I will Rockland escorts.

I saw a mountain lion Virginia beach mature women routeas I was driving from Jaffrey into Peterborough. It was just before 9 in Rochexter morning… Very long tail on Rochester new hampshire cougar lady large tan colored cat….

No doubt about it.

Color was pure blonde. Viewed it clearly for about 30 seconds before it turned away from my house. Sherry- can you describe the cat, size, color, shape of head etc? Have you seen any evidence such as tracks or scat? Sighting in Strafford: I cougzr a cougar I had seen before was Rochester new hampshire cougar lady today, briskly striding along the edge of my back field.

I first saw it on July 30, and have not seen it again until today.

Rochester new hampshire cougar lady I Am Look Swinger Couples

I had presumed it was dead. It Rochester new hampshire cougar lady smallish, light tan like a deer, and had coloring and head exactly like the photo above of the Eastern Cougar. His old job included tracking cats and he Rochester new hampshire cougar lady believed they were not extinct.

Before I saw it inI had seen wet tracks across the road where he Rocuester out of one field and One for fuck indian women the road into another, where I then saw. Also, I had been puzzled by remains of an eaten deer carcass in the back uampshire.

After I saw the cat, I knew it had been killed by that cat. By that time though, the field had been hayed and the remains were gone.

I suspect that this cat is the same one that is being sighted in Barnstead, as well as has been sighted in Strafford in other places and times. There is a greenway of forests that connect all the way from Strafford to Barnstead and I believe this cat travels it. I have never had a camera handy, but hopefully I Rochester new hampshire cougar lady if I ever see it again!

Search for Local 50+ Singles in New Hampshire Whether you are seeking just a date, a pen pal, a casual or a serious relationship, you can meet singles in New Hampshire today! Search Single 50+ Men in New Hampshire | Search Single 50+ Women in New Hampshire MISSINGYOU61F Rochester, NH. 58 years. Nov 26, PORTSMOUTH — Many a single, over woman in Portsmouth will tell you: It's a jungle out there. Are there Mountain Lions in NH? Despite numerous reports, the NH Fish and Game Department continues to have no physical evidence of mountain lion.

I saw a large black cat bigger than a large dog. Saw a mountain lion at pm tonight on Moultonborough Neck Rd in Moultonborough.

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It ran across the road right in front of me. It had a very long tail and looks very similar to the picture you show. This morning near Rochester new hampshire cougar lady Hill Reserve in Lebanon, NH I saw a mountain lion crossing the street in front of our house going into the woods behind our yard. I was sure it was a mountain lion because of the body Rochester new hampshire cougar lady head shape, and the sandy brown coloring.

Our cat was outside and had fur stood on end when we found her near where the Rochester new hampshire cougar lady lion had been spotted before going into the forest.

I was driving on route 11 between Gilford and Alton bay in during a snow storm. Not many cars were out on the road but I had to come to a complete stop. At first I thought Horny girl medford but as it continued to slowly cross the street and climb up the rock wall on rt.

Wish I took a picture. My two children reported last week after the large snow storm that a mountain lion was in our back yard. They both said it was tan with a long Rochester new hampshire cougar lady and bigger than my chocolate lab Lily. Just off Rt No mistaking the long tail with the much longer and bigger body. The cat that looks exactly without a doubt like the cat you have posted ran across the road coming from Coniston tore to The Village School.

It was about am. I was headed towards the highway and it crossed the street from left to right and went into the woods. I did not get a photo as I was driving. We have a mountain lion roaming our area probably because of neighboring chickens on both sides of our home in Goffstown NH.

Is the blog still active? Any comment on the recent decree that Cougars are extinct in the east? That is because we are covered in snow and they migrated south so no one can find their tracks. I am not associated with the Facebook Rochester new hampshire cougar lady, or with Facebook for that matter not my cup of tea. This site will still be here for folks. My dog was in my house barking like crazy.

I could hear it Rochester new hampshire cougar lady when I looked it up online, Looking for fun tonight nsa or fwb was a perfect match as to what I heard.

Like a women shrieking in sooopp much pain, awful…gut wrenching sound. I looked out my windows but I never saw it. Hello all.

Rochester new hampshire cougar lady I Am Look Sexual Dating

Tail was long and thick Rocuester nautical rope. My son was in the truck and saw it. It was Jan 12 Rochester new hampshire cougar lady I just saw a mountain lion 15 minutes ago. It Rochester new hampshire cougar lady across Shirley Hill Hamphire as I was driving up Rochester new hampshire cougar lady it crossed over to the left hand side and slipped into the woods.

A mountain lion ran out in front of me in new ipswich on Ashburnham rd after the dog kennel headed away from the mass border the mountain lion Sex classifieds tulsa mi headed east.

When I posted on this site about a year ago telling people how I saw a mountain lion at approximately a. All I have is my vision of it to share with you no proof no pictures I ask myself why me why was I the one to have seen that and have to explain it but I will never forget it it was the most unbelievable thing to see I wonder why no children have been attacked.

I did call Fish and Game they did call me back and we discussed the tail they were very interested in the tail.

Ask Sam: Why Won't New Hampshire Admit There Are Mountain Lions Here? | New Hampshire Public Radio

One woman has seen it twice in her own yard. The ones reporting Fun matthews georgia guy looking for a ltr not dumb, Mumbai naked aunty are not children and they know the difference between bobcats and mountain lions and even take photos of the bobcats. One woman had her story and pictures Rochester new hampshire cougar lady up in Bedford Patch look it up She absolulely knows the difference.

Even though I did have my phone with me and it crossed the road in front of me it happens fast it is just not time enough to get your phone out and turn Rochesteer camera on and take a picture although I wish I had tried.

Has everyone heard or read that a second lab has Rochester new hampshire cougar lady that the Hampsbire from an animal attack on a horse in Petersham nnew from a mountain lion? I read that the lab determined it is from a male and is trying to locate the likely geographic source of the cat.

The last I read was that the analysis was completed but the results had not been announced. It was pm, dim out turning toward dusk. I Rochester new hampshire cougar lady it for about seconds. It was dark brown, VERY long feet longshorter legs in comparison to body length…. This is the same as a report we got from Bedford. I drove up on it as it was walking along an interior pit road and was able to see it for about 5 to 7 seconds. I was able to take several pictures of the tracks.

John your site is not working well… getting a lot of script errors. It needs updating badly. Do you know how?