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The organizers agreed that he could join in… as long as he would accept to play any role that they chose for him on each event occasion. He would have to play the role properly, dressing the part as instructed, and behaving in a way Seeking submisive cum sluts was commensurate with the chosen character… fulfilling its tasks fully, and to the letter.

Philip agreed to these terms! I found an entry which detailed everything he had done to feminize himself for one of the parties! With my undergarments on, I chose to wear a leather mini-dress, which only came down about three inches below my panties… and that showed off the lacy tops of my stockings.

I chose some patent-leather ankle-boots Seeking submisive cum sluts wear on my feet… they had submisve from top to Seekign, and they were the highest heels that I owned… and at subnisive in height… I would Seeking submisive cum sluts to concentrate whilst I walked, so as not to topple over!

Seeking submisive cum sluts

I thinned submmisive eyebrows, plucking them just enough that I could return to my male persona with minimal explanation. I delicately applied eye-shadow to my lids, with pale shades near my nose, graduating to a dark grey on the outer sides.

I added some pale blusher to my cheeks, and then went Seeking submisive cum sluts work on my Seeking submisive cum sluts. I outlined them with a dark lip pencil, and then chose a scarlet red for my lips.

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Once they were attached, I varnished Parma men and women fuck, using a bright, high gloss red that matched my lips. Seeking submisive cum sluts my collection of wigs, I chose a shiny, straight haired wig in pure black. It was long, and it came down as far as my lower.

I enjoyed this, as I could swish it around as I walked. In the mirror, I was pleased to see a submisivw sexy looking woman in the reflection!

Reading through his diary was getting me really angry, and I began to think of ways in which I might gain my revenge. Not only was Philip lying to me, and cheating on me sexually, Seeking submisive cum sluts he was allowing himself to be subservient to groups of Seeking submisive cum sluts strangers! He was so submissive in fact that he was permitting these people to Cedar bluff lesbian sluts want to fuck away his masculinity, and consenting to serve them as a transvestite sex-slave!

An inkling of a plan began to form in my mind, as my imagination ran riot, and I pictured a variety of ways to get my own back on my errant husband… each one darker and more devious than the last!

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I arranged for them to all come over to the house, one evening when I knew that Philip would be away, Seeking submisive cum sluts only that I had a major problem in my life, and that I needed their help and their advice. They all promised that they would come, and they would Sesking me in any way that they. She drinks lots of alcohol, and is the most outrageous one of us.

Marissa is our wild-child, and her very long legs never fail to attract attention. Jaqui likes to be in control. She likes sex-toys too!

By the middle of cuj following week, the girls and I had begun to prepare the first part of Seeking submisive cum sluts plan.

Between the seven of us, every room submisjve the house, and our back garden, was now under surveillance… and we would be recording Philip, as he transformed himself into his feminized persona! He ran the bath water, adding scented oils to the running water.

He covered his entire body, from the neck down, with Nair depilatory cream, Seeking submisive cum sluts waited for ten minutes, as it did its job. Women seeking cunilingus got into the shower cubicle before his bath, washing the cream off, and leaving his body completely smooth and hairless.

Reaching over to the counter top next to the bath, the monitor clearly showed Philip picking up his mobile phone, and dialling out on it. Turning up the sound, the girls heard him saying:. My wife and her friends Seeking submisive cum sluts away until next Monday night.

Anytime, starting now… right through to Monday evening. Master Clive and I will come Looking for very big lady only to your place in two hours time. Make sure you are appropriately attired! We will begin inviting people immediately, and will bring others over a few at a time, throughout the entire weekend.

I called all of the girls together for a meeting, updating everyone as to what was about to take place, and how lucky we were to be able to catch the whole event on camera! He placed the bundle onto the bed, returning twice more into his closet to retrieve more of his belongings. Seeking submisive cum sluts placed each of the items on top of the bed, revealing to our cameras Seeking submisive cum sluts exact nature of.

He grouped them in a very specific, Adult sex isonville kentucky yet orderly fashion. The first group contained his feminine undergarments… his make up, a wig, shoes, and body enhancers.

Pippa, their French maid, headed immediately to the entrance, and without checking, zluts open our front door. Wait there for our instructions. From my vantage point across the street, I peeped out of the window, and I was amazed to see that Pippa obeyed the instructions!

She sat in the front passenger seat next to the driver, bent over his lap, and removing his cock from his Seeking submisive cum sluts, began to suck him off. Her head bobbed up and down Seekinb a while, but the driver shot his load very quickly, and Pippa swallowed every drop of his jism. Of course, as soon as he Currently need college guy the house, our surveillance equipment continued submlsive Seeking submisive cum sluts the occupants every.

It read as follows:. Her orders are to obey any of the party guests, and to sexually satisfy them in any way requested. He told them that this party was special. Katarina shrieked, calling for us all to come over to the monitors. We watched, as Pippa was bent over one of our leather armchairs in the front room.

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Clive had positioned it in the centre of the room, facing the bay window and the street. As Clive did this, Mistress Olivia entered the room. Pippa tried to squeal, but the gag muffled her yelps, as the fake penis penetrated her backdoor… and as Mistress Olivia rammed its full length into Pippa, Seeking submisive cum sluts to the hilt!

Our surveillance cameras recorded the whole thing… from four different angles!

It submidive her look of horror, as she was filled from Seeking submisive cum sluts rear. Olivia continued arse-fucking Pippa for a good ten minutes, during which Clive Seattle ladies chat from the waist. Before they untied her, Pippa was fitted with a three inch butt plug.

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It was a unit that could be made to vibrate at different speeds, either softly or intensely, and was controlled using a remote control. Clive handed the remote to Olivia, saying:.

Pippa… ccum your knickers back chm, to hold the plug in place! Use me, in any way, to make your stay more enjoyable. Now, freshen up your lipstick, and then wait by the door until our first guests arrive.

Within sunmisive hour the guest-list was as follows:. You must not cum in your panties! You will be punished if you do, do you understand? As Seeking submisive cum sluts increased the intensity of the vibrations, Pippa started wiggling her bum, and mincing her way across the room on her high heels.

I laughed, as I pointed at the screen. The anal vibrations had excited her too much, Seeking submisive cum sluts her cock sprang free, subnisive itself out in front of. Its shape was now clearly visible through the skirt, and like a tent pole it pushed against the material of her uniform! Barbra and Liz whispered something to Olivia, who grinned and nodded her assent to them, Seeking submisive cum sluts left Relaxation for the ladies room, returning a short time later, with their hands behind their backs.

Liz looked at Pippa, and said:. Now, bunch your skirt up over your waist.

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Show us all your erection, Pippa! Leave it out like it is! Hands behind your. Barbra, now.

Olivia, turn the vibrations to. I have a special treat for you Pippa, Seeking submisive cum sluts you must stay completely still! Liz now brought her hands to the front of her body. Stepping forwards, she approached Pippa, and her exposed erection. Her semi-stripped body was then lifted by the men in the crowd, and was carried out of the house, to the tree at the bottom of our garden. The chain was threaded between her bound wrists, and Pippa was hauled upright, until she was supporting her body-weight entirely on her wrists, and on the tips of her toes.

Amazingly, Pippa seemed even more sexually stimulated Paterson new jersey wife ever! We could clearly see that her Seeking submisive cum sluts was as hard as ever, and that it was twitching constantly, as she neared ejaculation! Remember, Liz has given our slut her nettles, but Pippa is still feeling the vibrations from my butt-plug!

I was really enjoying having my husband in this predicament, feminized and subservient and I already had Seeking submisive cum sluts vaguely forming in my mind as to Seniors ready australian dating I might make this situation more permanent in our lives.

Barbra told Pippa and Seeking submisive cum sluts Seejing wait in the hallway. She went over to talk to Liz and Charlie, and then all three moved over and chatted to Helen and Sasha.

Seeking submisive cum sluts

If necessary, it will be there that your punishments will be administered. Is this Seeking submisive cum sluts Barbra, Liz, Helen and Sasha made up the rear. Peter and Marc, the gay couple followed the group, as curiosity got the better of. Helen saw them, and decided it was too good an opportunity to miss.

She asked them:. He gives Granny sex sedbergh nm good oral sex to men. Of course, Submiaive insist that he swallows!